Is it time to get back into school?

3 Good Things: A romp to school, resilient eagles and responsive rats.

By: Matt Kiser

At the beginning of our eighth grader’s freshman year, I heard her say to her friend, “That is really funny, I really enjoyed that.” A few days later, I found the same comment on her Facebook page, only to see it re-posted and re-posted again. On several occasions, this same quote was featured in her post. This was the first time I had heard her use the words “funny” or “funny” to characterize what she did that she enjoyed. I was excited to hear these words but had my suspicions and questioned some of her activities.

“Have you been having any bad dreams?” I asked.

“No,” she replied. “I’ve been having many good dreams that I don’t want to get out yet. Most of my dreams are about my friends and playing sports. They are good dreams, so that is good.”

“You are having more positive activities than negative?” I asked.

“I guess,” she replied. “Well, I have been reading a lot more this year because I used to keep forgetting that I had a new book to read and then being too lazy to do homework. Now I am reading a lot more.”

“Good, good. I am glad to see you are reading a lot. I am curious about your dream about your friends and playing sports. Are you going to play in the school play or just attend it?”

“I am going to play in it. My friend is in it and I have my friend coming over so that I can play with her.”

I replied, “Okay, good, good! Sounds like you are getting back into your school schedule that you were missing a lot of last year. Maybe you should start going to the library to get to know more history and English.”

“I did go to the library,” she said

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