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Two students injured in stabbing at John Marshall High School in Los Feliz were named in a juvenile court complaint. J. Michael Wells, of the 100 block of Broadway, was arrested on suspicion of one count of committing a crime while armed. He was booked at the Los Angeles County Main Jail, where he is being held on $200,000 bail.

L.A.’s most popular new site

The Los Angeles Times BEST OF

The most exciting new thing about the Web now is its ability to reach people who are too busy to come to the Times.

As with any medium, the old way is gradually being replaced by the new and the best sites are no longer in the pages of the Times, but on top of sites that no one actually reads. I have been part of an informal campaign to create a new Times site that is not only easy to navigate, but also reaches people who are still in print. Herewith is a brief description of the site and what it does.

THE SITE The site, which I’ve called The New Times Online, is not a page at the paper. Rather, it is a one-stop online shopping site that offers people access to three newspapers that are available online: the Times, the Times Mirror newspapers, which include the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Boston Globe; and the Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union-Tribune, and San Jose Mercury News.

The Times, which is the largest paper in the country, is the one that we all know and love. The Times Mirror sites are two good news organizations with national appeal that are widely read by L.A. readers.

THE PROPOSED NEW SITE The site is a new venture for the Times and I have worked with my old friend and former intern, John Leland, to develop it over the past two years. The New Times Online is intended to be a resource

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