The Hypocrites Are Not Hypocrites

Letters to the Editor: Yes, young people care. Here’s how to make them vote too.

The Associated Press

Published March 23, 2013 at 10:00 am

Last Modified March 2, 2013 at 3:31 pm

After reading this editorial, one wonders how anyone can claim to be a conservative or even an “independents” when they do so so often in the name of the unborn.

In the year 2013, the United States of America will elect its first ever Black President. The year 2013 will also see the first ever female President, The first ever gay marriage Supreme Court Justice and the first ever abortion clinic to be forced to close its doors in America.

We are not a nation of hypocrites. In fact, we have been on the wrong side of a few important issues and have come back for more.

The world’s foremost nation of hypocrites has had an abortion debate on their hands long before Barack Obama decided to enter the race for President. The very definition of a hypocrite is to go too far in one direction and not quite far enough in another.

While America is a nation of hypocrites, we’re not the only country with this problem. Other nations are just as bad or worse.

Take the case of China. Their political leadership and its media have for decades demonized and demonized and demonized China for alleged human right violations (a.k.a., ‘forced abortions’).

In the year 2013 they will have the opportunity to elect the first Asian president. How many have said this? Well, if we’re honest, we know that many have said it. So much so that many who call themselves conservatives and Independents have jumped on this bandwagon, believing their own hyperbole.

I say hyperbole because there’s no doubt that China will use the opportunity to claim that the United States is a country in which people have been murdered (‘forced abortions’) and a country which has been the source of these deaths (a.k.a., ‘murder factories’).

We, the American people, have already gone through this debate. There are many who have expressed their views. Many who have agreed with those who have said it will not vote for Obama.

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