Boris Johnson asks China to supply it with its own pilots to train Chinese pilots

UK warns China is recruiting British pilots to train its military pilots.

The UK has reportedly asked the Chinese government to supply it with the pilots of its own air force to teach Chinese pilots to fly the aeroplanes

The UK has asked China to supply it with its own pilots to train the Chinese pilots who are trying to replace their outdated planes with the new jets.

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, has asked the Chinese government for permission to equip China with the training regime it needs in order to take over its own British Air Traffic Control System, the Telegraph reported.

Johnson is apparently asking the Chinese for permission to take the training regime it needs, including the pilots, from the UK. The British government has not revealed the reason for the request, the Telegraph said.

The British Air Traffic Services (BATS) have been operating a Chinese pilot training program since 2002. BATS began with around 20 pilots, trained in the UK and sent abroad to a BATS pilot training center, which has been based in the US.

The program is designed to teach Chinese pilots how to fly the new Boeing 707, 767, 777 and also to teach them the procedures of other aircraft, such as the Airbus A320.

The program has had mixed success. Most of the pilots trained are Chinese, but the program also sends British pilots to learn the new technology.

The system was intended to save the taxpayer money on maintenance and training of pilots, in addition to saving time and money, and the program has helped the Chinese reduce their pilot training cost. The cost of training a pilot has been reduced from £1 million to £100,000.

British pilots were invited to attend the training program since Chinese pilots have no need to learn how to fly the new planes and could learn the new technologies from a UK-trained pilot.

In the new British Air Traffic Services (BATS) pilot training program, which started in 2002, British pilots are taught the new Boeing 707, Boeing 777, and Airbus A320. A pilot at a UK-based training center trains Chinese pilots for the training program, with a focus on the Boeing 707, 777 and A320. The program is run by the

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