The Mall Security Guards Are Getting Out of the Mall

Column: Why are TV’s two big fantasy shows so epically humorless?

Column: Why are TV’s two big fantasy shows so epically humorless?

The other day I got in my car in the parking lot of a mall and noticed that none of the cars had anything on them. Most of them appeared to be filled with Styrofoam packing peanuts or Styrofoam beer cans. I also noticed a lot of people in uniform, including firefighters, police and security officers wearing the same thing. In addition, there seemed to be a lot more cars in that lot than usual.

The mall was the parking lot of an extremely large American retail corporation.

Most of the shopping I did while visiting Dillard’s was with other Dillard’s associates or associates of other retailers, but I decided to stop in anyway and see what was going on.

Sure enough, the mall had been evacuated because there was a bomb threat at the building. The mall was being used as a store for a major American retail corporation.

As I exited the mall I saw a man in a white lab coat and a fire helmet talking to one of the mall security guards. He seemed to be some sort of bomb tech or someone like that. The mall security guard explained to me that the mall had been evacuated because a bomb had gone off inside. As I was driving off, I saw an off-duty security guard walking behind me. As I reached the exit to the mall he yelled at me, “Hey! You there! I need to talk with you!”

“Oh, hey, what are you doing here?”

“You need to get out of this mall,” he said.

I immediately turned around and saw that all of the security guards and off-duty security guards had been deployed. There was virtually no traffic around the mall and it was a very busy weekend for other retailers. All four of the mall gates had been locked down and there was a lot of uniformed police sitting in front of each of the four gates, and a lot of mall security officers on their cruisers.

“What’s going on?” I asked a mall security guard.

“Hey,” he said,

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