The Oddest TV Shows of February

Two oddball comedies are back on TV after a long hiatus. Do they still work?

Welcome back, Hollywood. We’re still in the middle of the season of The Big Bang Theory, and the return of Seinfeld is a few months away. There’s also an hour-long comedy special from the 1980s that no one ever saw.

We have returned with an annual round-up of the oddest TV shows and movies to celebrate the oddest month of the year. Here are the most noteworthy TV releases of February, in alphabetical order:


“The Secret Life of Pets” (Fox): After a brief hiatus, we’re back to the adventures of the world’s most adorable canine duo. This comedy from the producers of The Simpsons, about a family of stray puppies who bond together and try to avoid the wrath of an unfeeling, heartless man, will likely be the weirdest comedy of the year.

“The Odd Couple” (ABC): In an age when TV shows are mostly about the two most opposite people meeting on screen, this classic comedy about two men who find great joy together is a breath of fresh air.

“The Simpsons” (Fox): After five years of being on hiatus, the series is about to reboot. And it’s coming back. (Though we’re not entirely certain that it will stay the same.) We’ve already seen a season’s worth of episodes, and we’ve heard from showrunners Al Jean and Mike Anderson that there’s lots of story left to tell. It’ll likely be strange to revisit.

“Grimm” (NBC): While I was sure the TV show would return after the “Sons of Anarchy” finale, I was also pretty sure that NBC had a plan for this show. To me the most frustrating part of the “Sons” finale was the lack of closure we did get, especially since it was such an obvious sign of the show being done. And then after the last installment of the TV show we didn’t even get an ending. But now the show is back. And we

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