Joe Biden’s New Plan for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Biden Receives Updated Covid Booster and Urges Americans to Follow Suit

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden released an updated plan to combat the coronavirus.

The new proposal — called “The Biden Plan for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery” — focuses on increasing resources to bolster preparedness in the face of a severe economic crisis.

The Biden plan also calls for government bailouts to ensure America’s businesses and citizens can meet the most basic needs of life, including food, shelter, and clean water.

“This is our reality, an economic crash we are all living through,” Biden told a press conference. “It is not a choice.”

A week after he launched the new proposal, Biden was joined onstage by some of the most influential voices in American politics.

“The Biden Plan” calls on the government to increase funding by 10% for a $55 billion fund to support businesses.

Biden went on to urge the use of state funds “to make sure that we have the resources we need to get those businesses in the field and put food on the table for our families, and get them through this really difficult moment.”

In a press conference, Biden said that “we don’t want to see America shut down in order to go buy a $400,000 Rolex watch.”

This is a call to action, but we must take it further. Joe Biden’s plan for disaster preparedness and recovery includes new programs, including:

Supporting businesses by the government and the private sector to offset the loss of income and unemployment from the coronavirus response.

“We have to be able to take care of people in our communities,” Biden said about helping Americans recover from the financial crisis. “And so we are going to keep doing what we have to do to help, but make sure that we have our plan in place.”

Biden’s plan also includes a proposal to create a $55 billion disaster preparedness fund.

The new plan proposes using this fund for additional aid for businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

It also suggests the government create a $1 trillion fund to aid businesses after an economic catastrophe.

“I want to say this in the strongest terms: Joe Biden is absolutely right to be calling

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