Biden’s Impeachment is a Democrat’s New Normal

GOP Voter Fraud Crackdowns Falter as Charges Are Dropped in Florida and Texas,” Fox News, 5/3/18).

Biden’s claim that only Republicans in America should be considered racist is a familiar talking point from other liberal pundits and politicians. For example, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said during a February hearing that America’s “national security apparatus” is “racist” and “culturally white supremacist.” In a July 2019 interview with CNN, Schiff continued to praise the “fear of ‘white genocide’” as a motive for the alleged Trump campaign’s alleged Russian espionage efforts (“The Spy Who Didn’t Spy: Adam Schiff on Donald Trump and the Russia Hacking,” CNN, 7/1/19). Similarly, in June 2019, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters, who also serves on the House Financial Services Committee, falsely claimed that Trump campaign officials were working to install “a new kind of apartheid” in America (“Maxine Waters Wants to Impose ‘Act of God’-Level Insurance Coverage on White People,” MSNBC, 6/5/19).

For this reason, it is unsurprising that a growing number of Democratic lawmakers have joined the chorus calling for Biden’s impeachment for alleged Russian electoral fraud on the U.S. presidential election and its aftermath. The impeachment push has only grown in intensity since then. On May 6, Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat, said that the evidence in the Mueller report and other documents showed that “Biden was guilty of criminal conduct” for his handling of Obama administration policy toward Ukraine (“Democrat Congressional Candidate Calls for Impeachment: ‘Satisfied’ with Mueller Report,” New York Post, 5/6/19). The next day, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat, said, “Biden’s behavior was just as bad as [former Vice President Joseph] Biden [used to] say, and that alone [is] enough to impeach him” (“Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls for Impeachment of Joe Biden,” CNN, 5/7/19).

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