The One and Only Man in America Who Has A Platform

What to know about Parler, the right-wing platform that Ye plans to buy?

Ya know… this is one of those I-need-to-be-explaining-everything-I-do-for-ya-clueless-friends moments, so let’s do the hard work for you. Parler (the platform) is, well, Parler (the platform), and the whole reason this is a story at all is because the one and only Parler is the one and only man in America who has a platform.

The problem is, he doesn’t like the way he or his platform is being used.

This is where he gets to have a platform.

In the world of politics, this is where all the politicians get to have platforms, because nobody else has the numbers to match them. That’s why politicians always talk about, “One of my platforms.” And they go on to talk about how, “I’m also gonna get a platform.”

In politics, the platform is like the moon, and the moon says, “No no, I’m not going in.”

The problem with Parler’s platform, as he sees it, was that he couldn’t get anyone to buy it.

Parler has made a lot of enemies over the years.

He made some of them very rich, too.

Parler is not a wealthy man, and I don’t think he ever will be, but he’s a self-made millionaire. Not a millionaire, really, because he is just a regular guy working hard to become a millionaire. But he started making a lot of money when he and his friends bought a TV station.

And then, he bought a newspaper.

And then, he bought a radio station.

And then, he bought some radio talk shows.

And then, he bought the Dallas County Republican Party.

And then, he bought the State Central Committee.

And then, he bought some radio talk shows.

And then, he bought some radio talk shows

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