Roger Federer and Nadal: A Memoir of a Tennis God

Behind the ‘raw’ photo of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal that captures their enduring friendship, there’s much more to learn about him and his fascinating life — particularly from a source who knows him best.

Roger Federer has been called many things: the greatest tennis player of all time. A legend in the sport’s history. The world’s best man. The god of many and many things. And a good friend, for over a decade.

Federer, 31, had a special relationship with Nadal before they ever met in 2010 when the two spent time together in the midst of Nadal’s doping scandal. They became close over a few years at Nadal’s Wimbledon victory in 2011, and kept it alive over the past two seasons during Nadal’s remarkable comeback. The two still remain close on the tennis court, and have maintained a close friendship for more than a decade, as illustrated by this photo that captures their enduring friendship.

The photo is a snapshot of Federer and Nadal, from their first encounters at Wimbledon in 2011 to their most recent meeting during Nadal’s unprecedented comeback. (Image credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

The photo of Federer and Nadal is from 2014 (at the U.S. Open), when Federer took over the match against Nadal, ending Nadal’s comeback from the 2011 tournament by an eight-hour marathon that produced a five-set victory in a thrilling final.

The image captures Federer as he is at the peak of his tennis power: with his back to the wall, and just about to pull off the most stunning backhand winner of his career.

Federer has a remarkable life story, with many angles to look at, but perhaps one of the best is this one, which provides a window into the life of a tennis god in the midst of an extraordinary rivalry.

Federer’s Childhood

Born in Kitzbühel, Switzerland, and raised mainly in Ascona, Switzerland, Roger Federer was a very athletic young boy with a good tennis background. When he joined his father’s coaching team in Ascona, he was a

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