Taylor Swift’s Breakup With John Mayer Is a Big Deal

Why Taylor Swift fans believe she goes after John Mayer, addresses engagement rumors and more in ‘Midnights’ clip

Taylor Swift fans are probably as perplexed as you are about her apparent decision to break with a longtime boyfriend, John Mayer, by posting on Facebook a message to the media:

“Hey — some people say he’s a creepy weirdo and some people say he’s a great person but there’s also some people who say he’s an amazing guy and a great human being. Everyone’s opinion is valid and it doesn’t matter to me what they think, you all are a huge part of my life and of my journey and I’m loving being single and doing this song and I really truly hope we can be friends.”

The message was accompanied by a short video of Swift singing “You Belong With Me” from the album.

The 30-year-old’s abrupt departure from Mayer seems to align with her recent comments to Entertainment Tonight of the “reassuring” feeling she has after spending time with her family.

In a recent interview, Swift stated that she has been spending more time with her mother and sister.

She added: “I was starting to feel like I was really going back home — not just from LA, but from L.A. at that point, and from the house in Maine, and so I was feeling like my world was starting to come back from the very beginning.”

For this new album, Swift says she’s “just trying to figure out where I fit in.”

And while she’s clearly trying to figure out her place in the world, fans are perplexed by the news.

“I’m so confused,” one Twitter user wrote. “I mean, why would she break up with him when she’s just recently come back to the US? Why would she break up with him so quickly? It’s one of those situations like when her mom died or something. Just don’t know what to think.”

For the majority of the rest of the world, this is how Swift’s break-up with Mayer looks (via Twitter):

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