Trump’s Fraud — How Can I Support Trump?

Letters to the Editor: There is no morally sound defense of Donald Trump

I have been a fan of Trump since watching “GQ Men of the Year List” and his first book on “How Trump Won.” Despite the recent onslaught of anti-Trump rhetoric in the mainstream media, I have remained a loyal supporter: he was not a racist. He had business acumen and was willing to be a “concession leader” where he could be a partner with those who wanted to get along. He treated America as best he could under the circumstances. He has also always put the interests of his family first. He was a humble, unassuming and humble-to-the-point-of-prudish man who has inspired me and millions of others. He is my husband’s hero.

This past week, however, I was offended and depressed to see headlines, articles, tweets and even some Facebook posts that are obviously intended to cause hurt to Trump but have no moral legitimacy.

There is no moral defense of which anyone can possibly be made responsible for the evil actions of Donald Trump and his administration. How can I be a supporter of a person who has lied, cheated and defrauded the United States of its wealth, the people, jobs and good name? What kind of man can I be if I support someone who has so willingly and knowingly used the powers of the presidency for his own personal gain?

We have had presidents before who cheated and lied and others who were involved in illegal activities, but never has there been one who committed so many of the gravest of sins — the selling of his office for profit, the breaking of his own sacred oath to the people and the nation. Trump has committed fraud — how can I be a supporter of such a liar and cheat?

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