The homeless dog’s story

One family’s desperate act to escape overcrowded housing in L.A. left behind their pets

A homeless dog found a way out of a filthy shelter that no one wanted him in.

A young female dog was living with her owners in a trailer in Pasadena, Calif., where she was sleeping in the living room on a mattress and had no bed, because there was no space for her to lay down.

This dog’s story is a sad and heartbreaking one, but it also demonstrates a bit of how the homeless in Los Angeles are suffering economically.

The dogs’ first home was filled with filth, disease and despair, but they managed to turn the place into a home. They were rescued by a family and brought to the shelter where the young girl and her mother went along as well.

When they learned she would be coming up with the money to pay for the family’s veterinary bills, they decided to take the two dogs and their $300 in savings and flee to San Diego, where they would buy a house and start a new life.

But that plan failed as the family was unable to obtain a home loan in San Diego.

So, they turned to their community for help, to help them get the dogs back and find new homes for them.

When the dogs were found, they were in such bad shape, they were taken away on a stretcher.

One male dog was found with bite marks on his legs and others displayed wounds from his previous home where he was kept on a bed of bones and had no food or water, according to the San Diego Animal Services.

But the shelter took in all the dogs, including the dogs’ young puppies, and was told they were “a family.”

“We couldn’t believe our eyes,” said the shelter manager, who asked not to be named. “We had a whole bunch of puppies and they were completely unharmed that had been kept in a tiny, filthy house where the family lived.”

The shelter worker told the parents of the young dog she would be traveling to the home to pick up the puppies. At the home, there was a young dog, not quite a year old, who had been in that shelter with them since he was a baby.

“We brought him in with us,

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