Nike asks Romanian tennis player to apologize for her “slave” behavior

Bianca Andreescu gives Nike a dressing down at US Open before issuing apology

Curry’s US Open meltdown has become so bad that Nike (NKE) has asked Andreescu to apologize because she said she was treated like a “slave” and had to wear the company’s gear.

Andreescu, the second-ranked women’s singles player in the world, made her grievance public on Thursday.

Andreescu is scheduled to compete at the US Open for the first time this year and has been practicing in the US Open Series venue, Eastbourne, since June.

The 19-year-old Romanian is ranked in the world’s top 10.

“I’m just disappointed and I’m disappointed with every person that was involved,” Andreescu said in a statement by Nike.

“I feel I have been treated as a slave, I feel and I know I’m being treated a slave because I’m not allowed to wear NKE shoes. Not allowed to have a brand on the inside, that’s what I feel like I’m being treated like. I feel like I’m being treated like a slave who can’t be proud about the brand as I want it to be.”

According to a report by ESPN, Andreescu complained last week to her coach, Monica Muñoz, and told her that Andreescu and her family have been offered a $3 million buyout by Nike.

Andreescu’s father, who also coaches her in tennis, is a former soccer player.

Although Andreescu said she wanted to defend herself from the “misinformation” of Nike, her apology did not address the company’s explanation for why Andreescu does not play under its gear.

Nike released a statement on Thursday saying it is committed to supporting the US Open and “will continue to work with its players and partners to make it possible.”

“In recent weeks, the US Open Series events have been impacted by an event that occurred on the first day at the US Open. While the US Open Series events have evolved, they are currently limited to one

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