Michael Keaton’s ‘Black Adam’ has grossed $79.5M in its 10th weekend

‘Black Adam’ is Dwayne Johnson’s biggest domestic box-office debut as a leading man – but with a plot twist

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ has been the box-office sensation of 2019, the man-crush of the year and a bona fide box-office phenomenon.

And it’s yet to disappoint.

The big-screen outing of Michael Keaton’s 1981 hit has opened to $75.5 million in its 10th weekend, according to Box Office Mojo. That number ranks as the top-scored opening of all time in the US, beaten only by Disney’s ‘Frozen’ ($86.5M), and Johnson’s own previous film ‘Hollywood’ ($70.9M).

And yet, Johnson’s latest effort, his first as a leading man since 2013’s ‘Fast Five’, has been a big disappointment to many fans.

It’s certainly been surprising to see how far Johnson’s movie has travelled in such a relatively short amount of time.

Dwayne Johnson stars in Michael Keaton’s ‘Black Adam’. The box-office hit has grossed $75.5 million and has a running tally of $80 million

Keaton’s picture, which marked the return of a star to the big screen following a long absence, was released in 1980 and starred Johnson’s idol Jackie Chan.

The two came together for ‘The Fearless Four’, which earned $60.4M in its opening week, the biggest opening for Johnson’s career.

Keaton’s movie was one of the rare successes on a year of disaster for major animated films, with three of the top 5 releases failing to cross $100 million.

After ‘The Fearless Four’, Keaton went on to direct his own sequel ‘Gothika 2’, which did not meet expectations either, although it held the distinction of being the highest-grossing non-Disney film of all time.

‘Black Adam’ has opened with $79.2 million in North America so far after its first week, but the film’s running tally has been around $80 million. That’s also the highest-grossing opening

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