Steve Bannon: Is the GOP going to win?

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During the last election, Steve Bannon promised a new “pivotal moment” in American politics. But instead, the Trump White House is in full-blown chaos.

It’s a moment in time that demands a new strategy for dealing with the Trump White House and its policies. Instead, the Trump White House is in a state of constant turmoil, with Bannon out of the loop and Trump himself apparently incapable of making any kind of decision. In his absence, Donald Trump’s people are trying to take control on their own and find ways to frustrate anyone who might even dream of speaking with Bannon.

If you’re a long-serving Republican who wants Trump to win the presidency, you just might be happy to have Bannon back. After all, Bannon is a veteran political strategist who is now making his name in the White House. I talked with him in an interview on Wednesday over the phone. A transcript of the conversation follows.

The New York Times asked Steve Bannon whether he thinks the Republicans can even win next year.

Bannon: I don’t know. A lot of us were hoping that Mitt Romney would win, but he blew that one. Now, it’s really anybody’s game. I don’t know if we’re going to have any sort of a Republican Senate, but I just don’t see how Democrats are going to win. I mean, they can’t win. It’s just that simple.

The New York Times: What are you thinking about? What is going wrong?

Bannon: I don’t know. You know, I think the problem is that we never seem to have the right person in the White House. … [He shrugs.] It’s the one thing about Trump that you know he can do. He can make a decision that’s going to stick to the base or that’s going to stick to his own party. I can’t imagine that he’s going to be a president who sticks to his base, which is the Republican base. I think he’s probably going to stick to his party and continue to do things that are going to stick to, frankly, make him look like an idiot.

The New York Times: Do

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