Red Bulls’ DaMarcus Beasley Accused of Using Racist Senses

Inter Miami wins, says D.C. United player used racial slur during playoff celebration

At a pre-game celebration at RFK Stadium Sunday, a group of players on the New York Red Bulls were celebrating their match-up with D.C. United. United won that game 2-1, but they didn’t go down without a fight. After the game, D.C. United forward DaMarcus Beasley was asked about what he’d said to Beasley’s teammate, forward Chris Albright on the sideline of the game. He told a local TV station that he used a racial epithet during the celebration, which led to a public apology from Beasley. He said he will give some of his salary to the team to help make that apology public.

United’s statement about the incident read:

“It is unfortunate that an incident of this nature occurred. Any inappropriate remarks or words that one may use in the heat of the moment must be immediately stopped. We are very conscious that our team, as well as all individuals in our community, is an extremely sensitive subject matter. The incident that occurred on Sunday evening was extremely disturbing and upsetting to all of us. As the team does not condone this behavior, coach Mike Petke will take the matter very seriously and expects to speak with the player involved directly. Coach Mike Petke has made a mistake by not speaking with the player directly and expects the player to immediately apologize.

“We take this incident extremely seriously and we sincerely apologize to all of our supporters, the media, and other individuals in our community who were involved in the incident. We hold everyone accountable for their actions, and we expect our organization and our fans to hold each other accountable for our actions.”

The two teams met Saturday night, and United won the match, 2-1.

Beasley (pictured) was asked on the field about what he called the slur and he said he would give some of his money to United

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