Georgia Democratic Sen. David Perdue Slammed for Asking Election Observer to Leave

Text Message Slammed Georgia Senator for Questioning Election Results

In a message that was forwarded to The Hill, a Senate staffer slammed Georgia Democratic Sen. David Perdue for asking an election observer to leave after the Election Day results were in. Perdue later told reporters that he was just trying to make a point that the counting process was not 100 percent accurate.

Perdue was asked if he was satisfied with the outcome of the election on Tuesday.

“I’m not satisfied at all, but I’ll leave you with this,” he said, according to the Hill. “We’re going to count these votes. We’re going to count all the votes. Do we need a recount? Do we need a new election? Yes, we do. But I’m ready to do it here in the United States Senate and it’s time we have a new senator from Georgia.”

The Hill reports:

The statement from one Senate staffer came after Perdue, a Republican who is term-limited, was confronted in a private meeting with an election observer by an aide in the Senate that was frustrated that Perdue, an early supporter of President Trump, had questioned the Georgia Republican’s performance in the midterm elections. The Hill reporter, Robert Costa, who attended that meeting, said Perdue later told reporters that he was simply trying to make a point that the counting process was not 100 percent, but that there were “serious concerns about vote-counting.”

The Hill reports that Perdue has been criticized for attacking the election results, as well as the voting process, in tweets on Tuesday night.

Perdue tweeted earlier Tuesday that the U.S. was “in a state of chaos” because of the midterm elections.

A statement from the lawmaker’s office said Perdue “is happy to accept the results.”

It was an apparent sign that Perdue had not yet accepted the election results, even though a Georgia official said the results had been certified by state officials. That declaration was made after the Hill reported that an official in the secretary of state’s office said the numbers on paper counted were different from where they were counted in the polls.

Perdue, a former Georgia secretary of state, is term-

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