Judi Dench, who plays Elizabeth II, has spoken out against the portrayal of the royal family on ‘The Crown’

Judi Dench isn’t a fan of the ‘cruelly unjust’ depiction of the royals on ‘The Crown’

Judi Dench, who plays Elizabeth II on the popular TV series ‘The Crown’, has admitted that she doesn’t like the depiction of the royal family on the show.

As a result, she has issued the following statement, in which she expresses that she doesn’t feel it was her place to criticise the portrayal of her show:

“I’m passionate about the royal family, and I’m sorry that any viewer or viewer’s perception of them was affected in such a way. I can only say that whilst it remains a very popular show, it remains quite realistic, and certainly I would never wish to take a critical stance on how they are portrayed.

“While I’ve done my best to distance myself from this episode, I understand that sometimes as an actor, there may be a temptation to take a critical stance on the show. And in those situations, I have done my best to let the actors down and do my best to be as objective as I can.”

According to reports, ‘The Crown’ star was left ‘bemused’ by the episode which saw Prince Charles’s mother-in-law (played by Dame Maggie Smith) being portrayed as an unbalanced, jealous and aggressive woman.

As well as the backlash against the controversial episode, the cast were accused of ‘overdoing the ‘I’m a woman’ bit’.

It now emerges that ‘The Crown’ star had also been left ‘bemused’ by the episode in which Queen Elizabeth, played by Claire Foy, is portrayed as a ‘violent’ and ‘fiery’ woman who used her marriage to help her husband, Prince Charles to escape the prison of matrimony.

Earlier this week, ‘The Crown’ star, who recently starred in the movie, ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’, spoke out against the portrayal of her character after being branded a ‘crazy old b*tch’ by a former friend.

Speaking exclusively to Metro.co.uk, Judi said: “It made me feel really good that in the last week or so, I’d

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