Joe Biden’s campaign snubbs Bernie Sanders’ campaign

Low-polling Biden bristles about Democrats snubbing him on the campaign trail

By Chris Megerian

7 February 2020

Low-polling Joe Biden bristled Thursday at the Democratic Party’s snubbing of his campaign and its plans for a post-crisis economic recovery on the campaign trail.

Biden’s political strategy has been to portray the US capitalist ruling class as a party of evil which is responsible for the economic downturn, which is the major political crisis of the 21st century, while arguing that the only solution to the crisis is to elect a pro-capitalist party led by him.

His campaign released a television ad on Thursday night featuring a young woman who is “in her 20s now… living on the streets of Philadelphia” and is shown struggling to support her family, while a narrator points out: “In her 20s, she dreamed of a better life. And that’s how she saved the American dream …” The ad, which is to air on ABC’s 20 Night of Night on Friday, shows “Moochie” and “Jelly”, which are Biden’s former aides, and who he has called the “greatest political force on Earth.”

Biden’s campaign is calling its ad “The Economy for the People” and said it received a $500,000 donation from the Democratic Party in February.

The Democratic Party has come out openly in recent days condemning Biden for his lack of support on the campaign trail following his gaffe on Thursday of refusing to endorse Bernie Sanders, a Sanders-backing candidate, with a single word.

While appearing on the CNN debate stage Thursday night, Biden said he had “not taken a position on the Democratic debates.” He added: “I will not endorse anyone on the debate stage tonight, because there is really only one question on the debate stage: How do Democrats win?

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