The Thin Red Line Remake: The Thin Red Line

Ralph Fiennes Is Playing Robert Moses in ‘Straight Line Crazy’

The straight-to-video remake of The Thin Red Line, from the team behind “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, is a remake that’s hard to see coming. The film version of the 1992 film stars Tom Hardy of “The Dark Knight”, while British actor Ralph Fiennes, who plays Moses in the film, is the villain.

In the remake, which stars Oscar-nominated Tom Hardy and Ralph Fiennes, the film is set two years apart from the original film.

This is a straight-to-video remake with a cast that includes Academy Award-nominated actor Tom Hardy, and Oscar-nominated actor Ralph Fiennes. Based on the book Straight Line Crazy: The Life of Robert Moses by Jeffrey T. Green, the film stars Tom Hardy as Moses and Ralph Fiennes as the villain. In the film, the two men, Moses and his nemesis, are portrayed as two different sides of the same coin. The villain was actually Moses’s chief lieutenant, and as the film explains, he was Moses’s most loyal lieutenant who was always able to get the job done.

The remake was announced in 2009, directed by David Mackenzie and produced with Mark Ciardi and David C. Shaw. The book is on-going and is also being adapted for the screen by Peter Morgan. The book was first published in 1968, and is adapted from an extensive biography by Jeffrey T. Green.

The film opens with a prologue entitled “The Life and Trials of Robert Moses” following the life of Moses as a young man growing up in rural Mississippi. The prologue also recounts how Moses found himself in the path of a great leader who was able to unite the nation under one flag. In the prologue, the young Moses has a dream that he would later claim was a symbol of his destiny. He was told by a voice from on high that he would be called “a great man.”

The prologue sets the tone of the

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