The Road to London

Adventures of biking from London to Lagos

There’s a famous quote that once said “You can’t get there from here.” So what I think is best to say to you is “You can’t get where you’re going from here”. With that in mind I thought I’d spend the next few weeks on the road, following the path I’d follow as a young girl on my bikes.

But first stop, London. I took the train from King’s Cross to London’s St Pancras railway station. I walked to King’s Cross and bought a ticket from a man in blue overalls who had one of those “No tickets please” signs. I did ask for a ticket on the day, but I hadn’t planned on it and had to purchase one at the station the day after. It was a beautiful autumn day and I spent most of my time in the station watching for trains.

I ended up in Wimbledon, which is about 30 minutes from Charing Cross Station. I got a lovely little room in an old pub, with a nice fire and a view of grassy lawns. Here I met another bike riding friend called Nick. He’d been living in London for a year as a journalist in a very expensive bar and restaurant. That night we met in a pub and talked, and then went back to his place. He was a nice guy and I’ll never forget him. I think we spent the night together but we didn’t sleep in the same beds. I think a girl had slept on top of him but it doesn’t really matter.

The next day, I went to Trafalgar Square. I was in a tshirt and shorts and a baggy pair of jeans. I looked like I’d just flown in from New York. I was also wearing the baggy jeans that Nick had picked up for me in New York. I was sitting on a bench next to Buckingham Palace. I have to say, if you’re going to pick up another man in the hopes that he will love

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