Nury Martinez and Danny Bakewell

Who is Danny Bakewell, the Black L.A. power broker named in the Nury Martinez audio? When they are linked, as they are in this story, you begin to wonder: Did he arrange that money for me and my lawyer from the Nury Martinez audio? Did L.A. Power actually pay for the police report?

When I heard that, I knew I had to cover this in an earlier edition of the column; there are too many coincidences to ignore. And then I wondered: How could L.A. Power, the largest U.S. power utility, have so little to do with Nury Martinez? They do business in different ways. They employ and build the same kinds of people—corporate, military, and intelligence officers—in similar positions in the same companies that build the same kinds of equipment for the same job they do in a similar way.

In a similar way, Danny Bakewell, the power broker at L.A. Power, happens to have been in the exact same job, a little over 10 years before Nury Martinez was at L.A. Power, and he does his thing in the exact same way.

First, there were the words of Nury Martinez and his boss, the ex-cop turned gangster, “El Padrino”, the man who ran El Dorado Drug Connection, the largest drug ring in the L.A. area. Nury Martinez and Danny Bakewell were two very, very different people. I say they were two very, very different people because of what they had in common.

They were both “gangbangers”, as I use the word to describe “the business”. In L.A., “the business” means the life of violent crime.

Nury Martinez was a former LAPD gang officer out of South Bureau. Danny Bakewell was a former LAPD sergeant and a veteran of over a decade as a police officer in the L.A. area. They were both people who had grown up in the Los Angeles area, the two of them, and grew up within the criminal activity of gangs, dealing drugs and participating in the violence and the mayhem that is the life of

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