Types of Hair Brushes and Their Uses

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Women are ever, sometimes overly conscious about their looks, especially the hair. No wonder their closets are filled with a broad range of hair and beauty products. Among those, styling tools such as hair brushes are used almost on a daily basis. Even so, different hairstyles and hair do’s require various types of brushes. That is because the effect of a hair brush on your hair look differs from one brush to the other. Therefore, it is important to know the different types of brushes and how they work to make an informed decision when buying one.

Wide toothed comb

Undoubtedly the most common and widely used type of hair comb. Sadly, it cannot be used for every kind of hairdo or hairstyle. It’s ideal for both wet and dry hair and untangles hair efficiently without much damage or breakage. Also, it’s a good option if you have curly hair as it maintains the curls as you comb the hair.

Paddle hair brush

Typically made of timber, ceramic or plastic, this type of hair brush is usually large, wide and flat. It works best for long straight hair and detangles it with ease making the hair shiny and sleek.

Round brush

These are used to create curls and waves or a perfect blowout. It can also be used to straighten the hair with proper technique. Round brushes are available in a broad array of sizes to fit unique user preferences. Even so, smaller brushes tend to produce tighter curls.

Rattail Comb

Flat in shape, this type of comb is characterized by its fine teeth and a narrow handle used to partition the hair. It is used to curl or straighten any hair that needs partitioning. It also comes in handy for styling hair using the fine teeth and helps to smoothen any bumps or cowlicks in your hairstyle.

Bristle brush

This type of brushes come in two forms, natural bristle brush or synthetic bristle brush. The natural types are entirely made of wild boar hair whereas the synthetic types are made from nylon. Boar bristle brushes dispense oils evenly all over strands bringing out a shiny, smooth blow out. On the other hand, synthetic bristle brushes work best for super-thick types of hair.


Overall, it is apparent that there is a huge selection of hair brushes to choose from. Ranging from the wide toothed combs to the hot air styling brushes reviewed on http://www.hotairstylers.com/, the list is endless. However, knowing your hair type and the hairstyle you intend to wear can help you choose the right hair brushes for your hair.