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Spring is just around the corner and I’ve been feeling the change in the weather. This time of year I always start to feel like my house needs a bit of a clean and some stuff needs to be thrown away. I always become a bit of a hoarder during winter, surrounding myself with things and not paying too much attention to the way the house looks. But once the days are longer, I just want everything out and the house to be neat and tidy.  For anyone reading this and feeling the same, here are the things that I do at the beginning of every spring to get my house back the way I want it.

Vacuum the hell out of everything

Most rooms in my house have carpets and while I vacuum them regularly, this is on my top list of things to do for spring cleaning as well. It’s amazing how clean the place can feel after you get rid of dust and debris.  I try to use the vacuum cleaner for dusting too, as much as possible, though sometimes it does require furniture polish and a rag. I would probably stop there, normally, but this is a spring clean so I carry on.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom

I generally use natural cleaning products that contain vinegar and citrus, but sometimes only bleach will do. I save that for tough jobs, though, because it’s not the healthiest thing for the planet. To be honest, this is one of the few times every year I spend a lot of time cleaning the places I don’t usually get to – behind the fridge, inside the oven, behind the oven, the grouting in the bathroom – I even wash the shower curtain! It takes a lot of work but it’s totally worth it when it’s done and everything is clean and shiny.

Tidy up my wardrobe

No matter what I do, I always end up with far too many clothes. Spring is a good time to go over all the spring and summer clothes to see what I actually plan on wearing, as well as look back at my winter clothes and see what I totally failed to wear this year. Anything I didn’t wear or am not planning on wearing can be given away to friends or to charity. The rest of the clothes can be tidied away in the wardrobe in a way that will make it easy for me to access them.

Brighten up the place

Once everything is lean and tidy, I usually invest in some flowers or a few new potted plants to make the place feel more colourful and ready for spring. Sometimes I even allow myself to buy some new decorative item for the place. It makes everything feel new and fresh, which is really what spring cleaning is all about. If there are things that don’t feel like they belong in the house, I give those to charity too and enjoy a brand new home.