The latest incident involving the “Criminals” gang in Moscow

Two charged with shooting armored car guard, taking $140,000, may be linked to similar robberies in the past two weeks — RT America (@RT_America) December 27, 2015

An unidentified man is hospitalized over the shooting of a man who was attempting to rob an armored car, in the first such incident this year in Moscow. The victim was seriously injured with a bullet wound on his left shoulder, the police said. RT has learned that the robbery was staged by two criminals and, most likely, one of them is a member of the notorious “Criminals” gang that has plagued Moscow’s streets for some time. Earlier in the week two robbers were shot in the head as they attempted to rob an armored car in the same area of Moscow.

The police has identified the man who was hospitalized with a bullet wound in the right leg. The man had his weapon with him at the time of the shooting. The police is still investigating the motives of the two robbers or, more specifically, their criminal group.

We also heard from Russian investigative journalist Vitali K. Prilutskiy about the latest incident involving the “Criminals” gang. He told RT that the gang is targeting the Moscow’s central business districts on a daily basis.

The most recent event involved a gang of three armed robbers who broke into the armored car guard service, in order to steal $140,000 and fled. Three suspects were shot by the police during the ensuing chase.

The gang was later named as Ruslan Dyatlov, his brother Leonid Dyatlov, and a third suspect named as Andrey Dyatlov.

The armed robbery was reported on social networks in Russia. In the photos, they are seen wearing ski masks over their faces and brandishing AK-47s.

The police launched an investigation into the incident, which has yet to be solved.

“Innocent people are dying by hands of criminals, not police,” Ksenia Sirotkina, a spokeswoman for Russia’s Federal Investigative Committee, said at the time of the incident.

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