Staying Healthy While Working From Home: 5 Tips

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Nowadays, going to the office doesn’t need you to head out of the door. According to Forrester Research, more than 30 million Americans now work from home, and the prediction is that this number may rise to 63 million in the following years.

Working from home comes with many benefits ranging from being your own boss to zero commuter time to freedom to work in whatever attire you choose. However, working remotely has downsides too especially in matters regarding your health.

When you work from home, you will constantly need to fight the alluring snacks in your house, you will experience more solitude and loneliness than you asked for and since you can work from anywhere, working from the bed may be one option (and a bad one). All these factors contribute to health issues amongst people who work remotely.

These great tips will help you stay healthy as you work from home

1. Create a routine workout program

Who said you must go to the gym to work-out? You can exercise right from your house, but you need to create a routine and stick to it. Since you have more time than most people, who have to go to the office, use this for your advantage and schedule workout.

You can start with buying necessary equipment you need such as a treadmill or a rowing machine or a punching bag (the options are many). Other than using equipment to exercise, after every hour of sitting, make it a habit to stand and walk around. You can walk up and down the stairs of your house or do some jumping jacks or just stretch…. the point is, take a break after every hour and move.

2. Invest in a decent chair

Spending all day sited in front of your computer demands you choose your chair wisely. Otherwise, you will end up with serious back problems that will slow you down. A good chair should offer support to your body weight and even more importantly, your back.  There is a variety of great ergonomic chairs available in the market that are ideal for people working remotely.

3. Schedule proper meal times

Most people who work from home constantly snack. The problem comes in where the snacks are the unhealthy type. Establish proper meal times and exercise discipline. If the need to munch something knocks the door, go for healthy snacks such as nuts or fruits.

4. Dress for work

Research has shown that how you dress affects how you think. Employees who report to the office must dress for the office, and this is something people working from home should emulate. You don’t need to wear the shirt and tight, but you can’t get right out of your bed in pajamas and work in them the whole day and expect productivity. By all means, fight this temptation.

5. Designate a work area

Anytime you leave your bed to your work area; the brain will automatically pick cues that it’s time to get down to work. Get an office space if you must. You could actually transform your garage area or one room of your house into one.

Working from home and staying healthy while at it require commitment, discipline, and dedication. You must be very deliberate about it.