Dentists’ Recommendations To Treat The Teeth With Fluoride

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Fluoride is such a mineral that is often added to our drinking water and toothpastes. However, the amazing fact is that fluoride is also needed for treating our dental disease. Fluoride is able to decrease the dental damage by almost 40 percent.

Fluoride may be applied directly to your teeth with the help of fluoridated toothpastes. In addition to it, the mouth rinses that contain this element in low concentrations are also accessible. But, for using the higher concentrations, you need the prescription from the dentists. For treating the teeth, the experts for Enfield dental practice use fluoride in the form of a gel, varnish or foam. Such treatments control some fluoride that is quite higher in amount that is available in toothpastes and varnish is generally coated on teeth.

The supplements of fluoride may be accessible in liquids form also. These are often prescribed by the dentist particularly for the kids, who reside in some non-fluorinated water regions.

When the fluoride is applied

Your dentist will give a treatment with fluoride during a scheduled checkup.  While doing such treatment, the dentist may load one mouth guard along with seasoned fluoride. To stick the fluoride rightly to the teeth, you must put on your mouth guard for some minutes. After that, the dentist may take out that guard and cleanse the mouth. Remember that you must avoid drinking, eating or smoking anything for about half an hour after your treatment.

When the intake of fluoride can become critical

It is very significant for the children and infants, who are about six months to sixteen years in age, need to be exposed to the element fluoride. It is such an age, when the permanent teeth and primary teeth come out. But, adults also can get advantage from fluoride. Children must use toothpaste, containing fluoride at least twice every day. But, parents have to check their kids’ brushing to make sure that they are not using excessive toothpaste.

Some studies specify that the fluoride, which is present in mouth rinses or toothpastes, may be as essential in struggling against the tooth damage as in reinforcing the developing tooth.

In the following conditions, the fluoride can be prescribed-

·         Dry mouth– It is usually caused due to the syndromes like Sjogren’s disease. Some medications (like allergy pills or anti-anxiety medicines) and neck radiation system can make a person very prone to the decay of tooth.

·         Gum disease– It is also known as the gingivitis. Such disease may expose your tooth roots easily to harmful bacteria, and it increases the risk of tooth damage.

  • Record of regular cavities- When a cavity is developed very often, you may get good result from taking fluoride.
  • Emergence of bridges and crowns- Such treatments may place teeth in danger because there may damage at a spot, wherein crowns meet original tooth arrangement.

Thus, fluoride is essential to many kinds of diseases, related to the teeth. And fluoride is quite effective for all adults and infants.