4 Apple Products That Make It a Unique Brand

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Nowadays people cannot discuss technology and fail to mention the played by Apple Company. Even though this company started as a computer manufacturer in 1976, it has also conquered other fields making it a brand that customers cannot resist. One thing in common with Apple fans is that they are loyal and are always on the lookout for the newest release. Apple Inc. is known to have one of the best marketing strategies and no wonder you find lines and sold out orders every time they release a new product. The following are coolest products from Apple that have made the company stand out.

  1. Apple II

This computer set out the pace towards the big name in the technology industry that this company is today. Steve Wozniak, who cofounded the company together with Steve Jobs, is credited for making this product. This computer was first released in 1977, and it was exactly one year after the release of Apple I. This new product was produced in a corporate setting unlike Apple I, assembled in a garage that belonged to Steve Jobs parents. Within no time, Apple II became the fastest seller of its time and hit a record of $79 million in 1979.

  1. The Mac

After Apple II, the company released Apple III, but it never generated the performance and excitement expected. In fact, the company took some time before it could fully recover from this setback. Steve Jobs, however, in 1984 introduced Mac through a unique Super Bowl commercial that people could not resist. The new device was initially named Apple Macintosh and was able to take personal computing to a higher level.  The earlier models had the best graphical user interface and came with a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor. The Mac had a unique beige design and users could not expand its memory like in its predecessors.

  1. iPad

The first iPad was released in 2010 and apparently set a new look on the overall tablet market. Many people loved the new device for its size, thinness, and features that made appear like a mini-computer. As they try to point out, an iPad is an important device that you should handle with care and use the best accessories. Other companies have since tried to catch up with Apple, but the iPad still stands out from the other tablets.

  1. iPhone

Since 2007, Apple has been a force to reckon in the smartphone market following its introduction of the iPhone series. The first two models came in a 4GB and 8GB version and was nicknamed ‘Jesus Phone’ because of the attention it got from the media at that time. The iPhone uses iOS which makes it stand out from most smartphones in the market that run on Android operating systems. Apple owns the iOS, unlike other smartphone manufacturers who use software developed by other companies which may bring compatibility issues.

iTunes is another product that changed how people view Apple as a company. It was a clear indication that company could move to other product lines and not hardware only.