Why Some Interior Designers Fail In Instagram Marketing

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Majority of business owners and independent contractors are embracing social media marketing due to its many benefits. Instagram has become very popular among interior designers, and those who are enjoying the space are reaping big. The sad news is even though most people post success stories, there are a good number of interior designers who are still struggling to mark an edge in this marketing space. You may tend to think that coming up with crappy content, fetching several hashtags and posting is all you need to roll. Most of those who fail to make the following mistakes in their Instagram campaigns.

    1. Copying other people’s concepts and content

You cannot afford to be lazy if you want to make it in the Instagram marketing space. Customers can tell rehashed content from far, and they just see you as a joker. Such followers demand fresh content which is also up-to-date. You may also be tempted to take images from all over the internet to make your profile appealing. With the advance in technology, people can authenticate the originality of your content. You may also face legal lawsuits if you use other people’s content without their consent. Just be decent enough and come up with your own content and sell your brand.

    1. Believing that you can have it all

Some experts suggest that small brands can do away with the marketing team and use only social media to market. Such an approach may leave you with very little time to deal with service delivery unless you automate some functions. However, not every automation tool in the market can be good for your campaigns because some violate the terms of use of Instagram. For instance, users aren’t sure about this onefor several reasons. You should look for an automation tool that suits your needs while still observing industries best practices.

    1. Failure to develop a strategy

Most people think that a marketing strategy applies to traditional marketing alone which is not the case. You should develop a strategy that highlights what you will post, when and how you shall engage customers. You should not focus on the number of times you post in a day but the consistency of your posting. Remember that your content should educate and promote your brand and thus avoid fluff on your timeline. Do not mix personal issues with your marketing campaigns unless you are a brand yourself because you might drive away some customers.