How Big a Sin is It to Buy Followers on Twitter?

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So, you’ve been on Twitter for a few months now. You’re trying to get some followers, but surprisingly, it’s not as easy as you had initially anticipated. The truth is, getting people to follow you on Twitter isn’t the simplest of tasks. But, you can buy followers to boost your growth. Which begs the question – how sinful is it to do so? Well, purchasing Twitter isn’t a sin at all. In fact, here’s why you should do it.

You’ll Get the Natural Growth You Want

There has to be some level of engagement on your Twitter handle to attract the attention of potential followers. And, when you buy followers, it means that you’ll get the interaction you need to keep “natural” followers coming. In other words, it is a great stepping stone to becoming a voice of authority.

You’ll Increase Your Brand’s Exposure

If you have a significant following on Twitter, you can consider buying a few thousand followers to give you even more exposure. You see, any Twitter account with a huge following looks important to the target audience in compassion to one with a few dozen followers.  A strong base triggers what is known as a bandwagon effect and it the process gives your brand a competitive edge.

Many Followers are Good for Business

If you’re marketing your product or service on Twitter, you can convert your followers into buyers. And, the more followers you have, the higher the number of sales you’ll make. Therefore, be sure to direct the followers to your website. Of course, you must have relevant content to your site and products/services your followers wouldn’t mind trying out. Your call to action has to be on point too.

The Bottom Line

Twitter marketing is all about being smart. You have to be more than average to get results with your efforts. One thing is critical though; you have to be careful when buying followers. The scramble for Twitter followers has led to the formation of scrupulous companies that allege to sell followers, but in reality, they’re just scams.

There’s Twiends, for example. This company doesn’t have active customer support. Even more worrying is the fact that their pricing is vague. And those are not the only reasons to believe that this service is a rip-off. You can read more about the company in this piece titled Twiends Review – Is Twiends a Scam? – Spire.