Having An Understanding Of The Cold Sore And Its Treatment

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If you are the one who often faces the problem of cold sores, then it is the time to know about it in detail so that you can prevent it and if you already have it, you can get rid of it. Cold sores are generally caused because of the herpes simplex virus of type 1. As a result, the person gets blisters on the lips, mouth, chin or nostrils. They also cause itching, burning and pain and also affect the appearance of an individual.


There are no specific symptoms that indicate cold sore. However, they are indicated by the presence of mouth lesions and ulcers, blisters on or near the lips, swollen glands, headache, nausea etc. Some situations that can lead to cold sore are excessive stress, menstruation, excessive cold and hot weather etc.


If the sores are small, they are likely to be healed within a week or two. But you will have to make use of antiviral creams to enhance the healing process. In case of excessive pain and to prevent the infection from spreading, you can also make use of Benzydamine. There are several sticks, patches and gels also available in the market that can help you in healing the cold sores.


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